Certified Partner Network

Rabine Paving America selects and qualifies paving and pavement maintenance contractors throughout the nation to become part of its certified partner network (CPN). When we have a project, our experienced project managers select the certified partner best suited to complete the project effectively and manages the job from start to finish. Our PMs work with the client to ensure transparency and achieve the desired results efficiently.

Rabine provides the sales, marketing, and project management for projects, allowing the certified partners to focus on what they know and do best, maintaining and constructing parking lots. Because Rabine provides the sales, marketing, and project management for the partner network, our partners are able to bid project more competitively with reduced overhead. Using drone technology, we can scope our client’s projects faster and less expensively. This scope is then used to quote and build a plan.

Why join our network?

Partner Portal

Get access to RPA’s partner portal providing more than 5,000 opportunities annually throughout the U.S.


Collaborate with our team of readily available pavement-specific engineers to provide consulting, engineering and problem solving for each project.

Increased Revenues

Increase revenues by bidding on RPA opportunities ranging from $500 to $1.2 million.

Resource Availability

Receive support in purchasing material or providing equipment when needed.

Reduced Expenses

Reduce sales, marketing, and project management costs. Rabine allows partners to focus on pavement maintenance and paving by handling the sales, marketing, and communication to clients.

Expand Your Market

Showcase your company to larger work zones and regions.

Educate Your Team

Attend annual certified partner summits to foster the continuous education required to be world-class.

certified partner network

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