Customer Portal

The Rabine Paving America Customer Portal allows clients digital access to all management information. We keep track of the status, results and progress of your pavements and find it crucial to provide transparency to our customers so they can be informed and up-to-date. This portal helps our team and our customers stay on the same page helping us work together more effectively. The customer portal includes:

  • 24/7 access to all site assessments
  • Maintenance plans
  • PCI ratings
  • Site inventory
  • Real time reports on scheduling and production process
  • Pictures of the site as a whole and specific areas of concern

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management includes an in-depth analysis of your existing pavement and drainage conditions, identification and prioritizing of your long-term pavement and construction needs, detailed budget for up to five years and clearly defined specifications for work to be performed. Our customers with multiple properties find it extremely valuable to have the documentation of every property all in one place.

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Pavement Analysis

Without maintenance and repairs, pavements deteriorate quickly. Pavement degradation can move from fair condition to near failure in a matter of 3 to 4 years. Pavement remediation costs can be increased to 300-400% if critical maintenance is postponed a few years. We perform a cost-to-wait analysis to calculate the potential additional cost to the client if they delay maintenance services until the following year.

Our process can be broken down into 7 steps:

customer portal 1

Upfront analysis

customer portal 3

Source project

customer portal 5

Close out project

customer portal 6

Maintenance plan

customer portal 2

Plan budget

customer portal 4

Project manage / quality control

customer portal 6

Annual inspections


Rabine provides 5-year warranties to clients who work with us to management their pavements and portfolios.

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