Safety is our Number One Priority

Rabine Paving America values the safety of our clients, customers of our clients, team members and the public. We strive to be a leader of protection initiatives within the paving industry.

The mod rate or experience modification rate (EMR) is determined by an in-depth formula comparing our worker’s compensation claims to other companies similar in size who operate in the same industry. RPA’s mod rate is consistently high showing great results in our safety program.

Processes and Requirements

  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) – All workers onsite must wear protective gloves, eyeglasses, hearing protection and brightly covered vests.
  • Proper Barricading – We make sure there is a sufficient amount of barricades in order to properly surround the work area and restrict traffic. The area barricaded off is large enough so that drivers can’t get too close to equipment or work in progress.
  • Proper Traffic Control – Our staff enforce correct traffic control by directing traffic with directional signs or having a flagger. This keeps individuals safe and outside of the construction site. We designate specific entry and exit routes for truck and equipment to prevent collisions and other car accidents from occurring onsite.

How do we promote safety?

  • Working with safety always in mind
  • Establishing and executing our policies
  • Training team members on safety best practices
  • Safety is a daily conversation on site and in the office

Rabine Group companies:

Rabine Group companies

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