Pavement Engineering & Assessment

Pavement engineering

Pavement Engineering

Rabine Paving America develops customized engineering solutions to address complex pavement issues. Our team of pavement specific engineers and field experts focus on practical blueprints, quality construction, optimal maintenance, and pavement rehabilitation.

Three important factors are addressed for each pavement assessment developed:

  • Aesthetics – For most parking lots, curb appeal is important. This should be considered when reconstruction and alterations are performed. Curb appeal will yield to higher traffic and increased brand recognition.
  • Customization– Every parking lot is different. In order to have proper pavement design, many influences need to be taken into consideration including, traffic weight, pitch, traffic flow, and climate. Oversized vehicle traffic can drastically affect pavement service life, the soil beneath and pitch of the pavement can cause ponding, pedestrian and vehicle traffic will determine pavement markings and signage, and the climate of a parking lot can affect oxidation and freeze/thaw.
  • Drainage – Another essential component to practical design is good surface drainage. It is recommended that the minimum slope, or crown, is 2.0% per foot. Ground in the surrounding area should be properly graded so that drainage moves away from the pavement and does not stand on its edge.

Pavement Assessment

Pavement assessments are reports that facilities managers use to implement proactive pavement maintenance strategies. Our assessment starts with visual inspection to document the overall pavement condition. The data collected is used to identify repair and replacement needs, prioritize repairs, and create a budget plan. Evaluations address surface cracking, potholes, alligator cracking, sub base failure, storm structures, signage, traffic strategy and heavy load areas.

Assessment Process

  • Drone and video scope to view current conditions
  • Interview with the facility manager to discuss traffic patterns and facility specific requirements
  • Engineer scope, inventory, and analysis of facilities’ pavements


Rabine Paving America builds a 5-year budget addressing critical issues that need to be done immediately and preventively in the future to prolong your pavement’s service life. Our team helps save customers’ money by analyzing current conditions, predicting future defects, and repairing pavement at the opportune time. We also take in to account inflation and material prices, adjusting costs accordingly.

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