Portfolio Management Program

Rabine Paving America (RPA) is a full service pavement provider for clients who have multiple facilities. We provide solutions for parking lot maintenance combining pavement, snow removal, and storm water management under one roof. RPA can be the single point of contact no matter how many parking lots you have and no matter where in the U.S. they are located. Customers can keep track of their facilities using the RPA Customer Portal.

Complete Process Transparency

Clients will have access to all project information by using the online Rabine Pavement Management Program:

  • 24/7 access to all site assessments
  • Historical work performed
  • Maintenance plans
  • PCI ratings
  • Site inventory
  • Real time reports on scheduling and production progress

The 4-Step Process


  • Analyze current conditions
  • Interview the facility manager to discuss traffic patterns and facility specific requirements
  • Engineer scope, inventory, and analysis of facilities’ pavements


  • Source minimum of 3 bids from qualified partners to present for decision making
  • Manage the production of the project
  • Onsite project management to facilitate the project
  • Daily documentation provided (photos, videos, daily detail log of operations)
  • Onsite Quality Control


  • Apply PCI for the facilities’ pavements
  • Build 5-year plan and budget for specific facility and portfolio
  • Develop an annual preventative maintenance plan
  • Rank facilities in the portfolio by PCI
  • Provide a “Cost to Wait” analysis


  • Annually update PCI rating based on work performed
  • Facilitate the execution of the preventative maintenance plan
  • Document completed work

5-year warranty

Rabine Paving America provides 5-year warranties to clients who contract Rabine to complete pavement maintenance services such as crack-sealing, sealcoating and pavement markings. Work will be completed consecutively on an annual basis for 5 years. The following conditions apply:

  1. Within the first year, a Rabine pavement specific engineer will assess and prepare a proposal for maintenance services.
  2. Rabine will perform yearly assessments and provide pavement maintenance proposals. Each year that Rabine maintains the facility, Rabine will extend the warranty an additional year.
  3. The client is not obligated to hire Rabine but the warranty will not be valid after the initial term of two years if other contractors are used.
  4. Rabine will perform maintenance services including pothole patching, removal/replacement or milling/replacement to ensure the appearance and functionality of your pavement.
  5. Rabine will perform a pavement condition analysis and program for ongoing maintenance after the 4th This report will include a five-year budget plan for continued preservation.

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