Project Management

Project Management

Rabine Paving America has mastered the art of project management. We direct, regulate and supervise projects from early development to completion according to client expectations. Our project management process has always been centered on solid communication between all agents to ensure transparency, time efficiency, and optimizing budgets.

Our Role as Project Managers

  • Negotiate costs with vendors and contractors
  • Arrange work timetables
  • Select the most efficient construction method and strategies
  • Maintain transparent communication with customers
  • Manage construction personnel onsite
  • Ensure safety best practices are being upheld for contractors, and the public

The Project Management Process

1. Request a Quote

Discuss project needs and requirements. We will arrange plans, specifications, and other needed bid documentation to be sent to promptly before receiving a quote.

2. Arranging the Team

We can use a paving subcontractor from our certified partner network or we can work with a subcontractor that the client requests. The team meets for a pre-proposal review to understand goals and strategy.

3. Construction

Construction begins. We maintain transparent and consistent communication with the client so they always know the project’s status.

4. Feedback

Rabine Paving America doesn’t believe work is done until the customer is fully satisfied. We complete a review with the client to ensure all list items are complete before billing.

Request a Quote

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